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Information about Canada Opioid Crisis

Canada has suffered a lot from the overuse and abuse of opioids which has translated to national health disaster that must be addressed ultimately and with an immediate effect. Basically, opioids are used to relief pain but there are multiple overuse and abuse of these opioids in Canada which has brought untimely deaths and family loses. These increased death rates and cases have affected many families even communities and the Canadian nation at large. The people who suffered the crisis of their epidemic were trying to test the high feelings of this drug and others were naive and wanted to relief their pain fast without understanding the risks involved. Canada is ranked second on the opioid prescriptions every year.

In 2017, the death figures were at four thousand. This tends to mean that over three hundred people died every month. There two classifications of these overdoses or overuses and these are either accidental or intentional. Comparing the total number of deaths caused by opioid in 2016 and 2017 identifies that 2016 recorded 34% lesser deaths. Following the trend and the development of the crisis, 2018 is believed to worsen that the other years although there are no definite statistical figures.

Amidst all these cases and this catastrophe, the Canadian government is working tooth and nail to minimize them and control the situation. The government is working all round the clock to ensure that illegal opioids and its usage is restricted and that populaces are sticking to legal prescriptions. There are plans and restrictions being formulated which will help restrict and oversee the overall marketing of opioids. Illegal opioids dealers are also being hunted by the police department as well as the government prosecutors as a way of minimizing the excessive flow of these drugs.

The truth of the matter is that opioids are still in surplus and the general public has been accessing them even after the restrictions. 2017 alone recorded an average prescription of twenty one million opioids. Fentanyl has been smuggled into Canada from places like china and the government is trying to combat the situation. There are laid strategies by the government that will help dispense the availability of fentanyl in the streets.

The Canadian government at large is obliged with the sole responsibility of identifying reliable strategies and means through which opioids and fentanyl shall be dispensed from the streets. This action must incorporate reducing the number of opioids prescribed on a year. Also, there is need to deal with those cartels who avail illegal opioids to the general public and when arrested, overcharge them. Sensitizing the populaces will help minimalize the accidental overuse of these drugs.

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